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Here Are Mo Pitney Songs Showcasing His Refreshing, Traditional Branded Style Of Country Music

If you love classic country and bluegrass, you’ll never go wrong with Mo Pitney songs. 

The singer-songwriter grew up playing bluegrass. Even the foundation of his music was built from bluegrass influences. Pitney even met his wife Emily at one of the bluegrass festivals he attended. So, it’s no surprise when you’ll find plenty of that style of music in his playlist. 

And today, we’re going to look at some of them. Keep on scrolling below and enjoy Mo Pitney‘s soulful voice that you’ll surely can’t resist.

1. Boy & a Girl Thing

From: Behind This Guitar (2016)

Pitney sings about how boys and girls were just climbing trees from one moment to attending tea parties together and eventually raising a family of their own. While their tastes may have changed, they remain basically the same as they grow older – after all, their intentions and principles are ingrained. 

Gender norms grew into a massive social and political issue soon after the Illinois country singer released this song, with laws that deal with transgender rights are making headlines. But Pitney noted that he wasn’t thinking of that when he wrote the song. It’s just something he’s seen growing up.

2. Clean Up On Aisle Five

From: Behind This Guitar (2016)

You’ve probably heard this phrase quite often in a grocery store, which means that there are some messes that require urgent attention. In the song, Pitney stumbles upon an old flame in the grocery store. Sadly, he’s still not over her – and might not ever be – that he became the aisle’s figurative mess. 

Pitney co-wrote “Clean Up on Aisle Five” with Wil Nance, who was thinking of the 1981 hit by Dan Fogelberg, “Same Old Lang Syne,” when he wrote the song.

3. It’s Just a Dog

From: Behind This Guitar (2016)

Pretty sure this will pull all the heartstrings, especially for those dog lovers. In the song, Pitney shows he knows how to sing to your heart as he brings emotion to an already touching song about a young boy and a dog he found walking along the side of the highway.

“It’s just a dog,” he thought to himself, deciding to just ignore her. But something made the young boy go back and pick up the little fur ball. Eventually, the dog became his constant companion as they spent the good and the bad time together until the very end – where his furry best friend is no longer around. 

4. Mattress on the Floor

From: Ain’t Lookin’ Back (2020)

In this song, Pitney shares a great reminder for all of us, and that’s “no matter where you are and what you have, the greatest treasure is love and trust and finding that in someone that shares the same for you.”

5. Take the Chance

From: Behind This Guitar (2016)

Pitney encourages every man to move out of his comfort zone and just literally find the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams. After all, you’ll never get to dance if you will never move your feet.

The Illinois native teamed up with Dean Dillon to write the song “Take The Chance,” but what makes it even more special is that Alison Krauss was tapped to sing harmony vocals on this track.

6. Country

From: Behind This Guitar (2016)

Released as Pitney’s debut single, the song finds the country singer addressing the several meanings of “country.” He later concluded that the word has more to do with beliefs and principles than with location, as it can happen anywhere. 

Pitney co-wrote the song with some of the biggest names in Nashville, Bill Anderson, and Bobby Tomberlin, after they spent hours chatting about the country lifestyle they all shared.

7. Old Stuff Better

From: Ain’t Lookin’ Back (2020)

The song reflects the way the singer-songwriter sees life! 

He wrote the song even before his debut album and had since been playing it live. “I just knew I was going to play it the rest of my life,” Pitney said.

8. I Met Merle Haggard Today

From: Behind This Guitar (2016)

Pitney first met Merle Haggard at Northstar Studios while the country legend was taping for Marty Stuart’s show. And he chronicled that opportunity in this song, in which he said every word is true.

9. Ain’t Bad for a Good Ol’ Boy

From: Ain’t Lookin’ Back (2020)

The country singer was never afraid to show a little swagger in this song as the chorus is more energetic than anything he has so far shown. But what makes the song stand out is the steel guitar that is incredibly screaming after the bridge. 

10. A Music Man

From: Ain’t Lookin’ Back (2020)

Lastly, we have this nostalgic song that Pitney wrote with Bobby Tomberlin. “A Music Man” is a great reminder that each of us has this talent that we’re good at and something that we can do for the rest of our lives – which for Pitney, is music.

More of Mo Pitney Songs You Need To Check Out

Mo Pitney has showcased his refreshing, traditional branded style of country music throughout the years – and we can’t help but be impressed. Here are some of his songs that you should listen to.

  • Plain and Simple
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Local Honey
  • Jonas
  • Boy Gets the Girl
  • Ain’t Lookin’ Back
  • Old Home Place
  • Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
  • Come Do A Little Life
  • Thank God For You
  • Whiskey On My Breath
  • Love Her Like I Lost Her
  • When I’m With You
  • Til I Get Back to You
  • Right Now With You

So, which among these Mo Pitney songs are your favorites?


Mo Pitney

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