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Mo Pitney

Latest Stories

Mo Pitney + Duct Tape and Jesus

Story Behind Mo Pitney’s Hit Song “Duct Tape and Jesus”

During the most unexpected time, Mo Pitney finds his way back to God and shares his experience through his song “Duct Tape and Jesus.”

Mo Pitney + I Met Merle Haggard Today

How Mo Pitney Met Merle Haggard In “I Met Merle Haggard Today”

Being one of country legend Merle Haggard’s die-hard fans, rising star Mo Pitney released “I Met Merle Haggard Today.” Get to know more about the hit song here.

Mo Pitney + Borrowed Angel

Mo Pitney Brings Back Traditional Country Music With “Borrowed Angel”

Mo Pitney has the voice of the real country. He’s one of the new artists today that embraces the roots of country music. With this, listen to his cover version of “Borrowed Angel.”

Country Fans Were Pleased With The Rendition of “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” By Mo Pitney

In one of his performances, Mo Pitney sang “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” by the legendary George Jones. He outpoured his talent and emotions as he sings the soulful country song. Listen for you will be mesmerized of how Mo Pitney gave his all to the song and how pure country Pitney is.

Mo Pitney Songs

Here Are Mo Pitney Songs Showcasing His Refreshing, Traditional Branded Style Of Country Music

If you love classic country and bluegrass, you'll never go wrong with Mo Pitney songs that showcase the genre's refreshing, traditional branded style.

country songs about dogs

Country Songs About Dogs: The Perfect Dog Lover’s Playlist

Dog lovers rejoice! Here's a list of the best country songs about dogs to celebrate and honor our adorable four-legged friends.

Must Hear Country Albums this August 2020

This will be a promising month for all of us who love country music. Country albums from Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw are just a few of what we should watch out for.

modern traditional country singers

25 New Traditional Country Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now

The death of traditional country music could have been overstated, as these 25 modern country singers show that there is still loyalty to a less pop-friendly twang brand.

Mo Pitney Sings his Honest Feelings About “Country”

Mo Pitney is a rising country artist with traditional-sounding music. Many claimed that he is the voice and hope of our generation because he represents pure country music.

Mo Pitney Encourages You to Be Brave in His Song “Take the Chance”

If you haven't heard of Mo Pitney yet, you should go ahead and check him out. In his song "Take the Chance," the singer shares his thoughts on moving out of your comfort zone.

Mo Pitney: On Meeting Merle Haggard and Writing a Song about It

It is not everyday that you go and meet one of your biggest idol. Mo Pitney, a breakout country star, sure seized his moment when he met his idol.