May 22

Mo Pitney Encourages You to Be Brave in His Song “Take the Chance”

“Take the Chance” on Mo Pitney

If you haven’t heard of Mo Pitney yet, you should go ahead and check him out. In his song “Take the Chance,” the singer shares his thoughts about moving out of your comfort zone. “Take the Chance” is literally taking your chance in asking out the girl of your dreams.

Lyrics Breakdown

There’s a few golden moments when your heart will say don’t less this pass you by
Silence is a killer when just one word just might change your life
So say hi, say hello if you don’t try you’ll never know

Grab the opportunities you have while you can. Time will not stand still for you. This is the moment that counts, and that is what the singer would like to show in his song.

These moments will soon be the memories that you will look back on. If you took your chance and failed, at least you won’t regret it. Sometimes, all you gotta do is be brave and forget all the worries you have at the back of your mind.

mo pitney, take the chance
via Mo Pitney’s official Facebook page

The Rise of Mo Pitney

Mo Pitney is a young country artist new to the scene. But his style of music is reminiscent of country music back in the days when country music was still ‘country.’ He released his debut album Behind the Guitar in 2016His album was immediately met by controversies as tweets of #saviorofcountry came flooding in.

mo pitney
via Screengrab from Mo Pitney’s official Youtube account

Traditional country fans were saying that he is bringing back the old country style. A lot of fans consider, even to this day, that country pop is not ‘real country.’

Mo felt humbled by the praise, but he is just sticking with how he is as an artist. He defended the other artists saying that all of them are different from each other and that is fine.

Listen to the song here:


Mo Pitney

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