August 15, 2020

Jon Pardi’s ‘Rancho Fiesta Sessions’ About to Leave a Kickass Impression!

Everyone loves surprises, and downtimes for most of our favorite country artists spells an even greater surprise, an album released in a whim.

Jon Pardi remembers the legendary country artists he adores by whipping up an album in a considerable amount of time! He did a cover of various hit-songs by his music heroes and compiled them in one single album, the ‘Rancho Fiesta Sessions.’

Certified Homemade!

Jon Pardi released the ‘Rancho Fiesta Sessions’ immediately on August 14 without further announcements regarding his surprise album.

So how did he do it? That’s through his amazing resourcefulness to use his property, the Rancho Fiesta farm in Tennessee. He contacted his touring band for a live one-night-only jamming session to record 8 tracks from his different country idols which vary genre per genre. He then mixes it up with his personal touch to spice up their songs, thus adding a twist on the song’s various classical images.

He spun around George Strait’s classic hit and signature song ‘Marina Del Ray,’ which would surely give impressionists something to look back upon. Pardi also lent his voice to emulate the twangy spin on his fellow Californian Dwight Yoakam’s ‘Honky Tonk Man.’

But that’s not all! He saw to it that he’ll do a rendition of Merle Haggard’s ‘The Bottle Let Me Down’ adding his personal twist on the original song’s tempo. Of course, he wouldn’t forget to personalize Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ rising star ‘The Waiting’.

If all these weren’t too much for you, then don’t worry you might find another ‘Prince’ on Jon Pardi as he reveals his slow, passionate, and soul-burning rendition of his iconic song ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’.

Dedicated to His Idols and Fans

As the press comes rushing to Jon Pardi after the surprise release of ‘his ‘Rancho Fiesta Sessions,’ he explained that the album’s initial purpose was for him, together with his touring band, to simply have fun during the jam nights.

He also dedicates ‘Rancho Fiesta Sessions’ to his fans as he wants them to hear something different from his usual entries. Pardi wanted to leave an greater impression on his fans by presenting them with some variations to the classics they are familiar with.

‘Rancho Fiesta Sessions’ is the successor to Jon Pardi’s previous chart-topping 2019 album ‘Heartache Medication’ with its leading title track also snagging up the #1 spot. His latest album is the perfect definition for his self-expression, adoration for his co-artists, and a fan-dedicated album.


Jon Pardi

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