March 18

Luck Reunion: Willie Nelson’s Back to Basics Annual Show

Willie Nelson‘s Luck Reunion is a movement dedicated to cultivating and spreading the culture of Luck, Texas and the evolution of our American roots.

luck reunion, willie nelson
via the Luck Reunion’s Official Twitter Account

Fans and artists alike gathered and wiggled themselves in every nook and cranny they could get in Nelson’s old ranch – Spicewood ranch in Luck, Texas. Many were trying to get a good view of Lukas Nelson, in a tall top hat and a black coat, being the host for the night. 

The Luck Reunion

According to them, their goal is a holistic collaboration with fellow artists, both in preserving and celebrating the culture of Luck, Texas and molding and shaping new ones.

“Our goal is to attract and celebrate musicians, artisans, and chefs, who like the outlaws and outliers before them, follow their dreams without compromise. By collaborating with a group of creators who share our vision, we aim to celebrate the legacies still among us, while lifting up the new crop of individuals who share a respect for those who blazed the trails before them.”

The melting pot of the celebration of culture and the arts is what is very appealing in this rustic annual show. Now in its eighth year, the festival arranged artists on six different stages. Performers ranging from Mavis Staples to Nathaniel Rateliff to the Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett all lent their star power for the event.

luck reunion, willie nelson, mavis staples
via the Luck Reunion’s Official Twitter Account

One of the Luck Reunion’s highlights was a stage showing support of women and minorities. The stage was called the Mavis Staples “Stronger” stag, which is notably the second biggest stage in the event. It was there that artists such as Sunny War, Brandy Zdan, and  Staples herself performed. 

As for the outlaw, Willie Nelson’s headlining set was probably one of the best performances that Luck Reunion has seen. His playing was sharp and thoughtful, the reverberations of his voice hung in the air like melodic reminders of why people gathered there in the first place, and his spirit kept everybody alive. 

luck reunion, willie nelson
via the Luck Reunion’s Official Twitter Account

The experience in the Luck Reunion is never to be the same thing twice. But one thing’s for sure, the rustic, homey feeling remains. And truly, this is one of the reasons why you should secure your tickets for next year early.


Luck Reunion, Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson

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