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“Thanks a Lot” and “Who’s Gonna Take Your Garbage Out?”

Ernest Tubb’s “Thanks a Lot” and “Who’s Gonna Take Your Garbage Out?” were top hit songs in the year 1964 and 1969. Well, if you were the one who’s going through a heartbreak, how would you take it? Tubb showed us how to take heartbreaks with acceptance with these songs.

Thanks a Lot

In 1964, this album reached the 7th spot in Billboard Country albums. It tells about a man who had gained nothing but a broken heart from a relationship. Other versions of the song were released by other artists like Hank Williams Jr., Martina McBride, and the most recent, Randy Travis.

thanks a lot, ernest tubb
Photo grabbed from Ernest Tubb Record Shop’s Official Facebook Page

You wanted a fool and I played the part, now all I’ve got is a broken heart

We loved a little and laughed a lot, then you were gone Honey thanks a lot

We learn from our significant other in our past relationship- be it the painful split up or the experience shared. We may have had a broken heart but we still carry the happy memories shared.  This song still sends a message of gratitude to that significant other who got away.

Who’s Gonna Take Your Garbage Out

This song was released in 1969 as a single. It was able to reach the 18th spot in Hot Country Singles by Billboard. Originally, Loretta Lynn and Ernest Tubb performed the song at Bradley’s Barn. John Prine released his own rendition of the song on September 2016.

who's gonna take your garbage out
Photo grabbed from Ernest Tubb Record Shop’s Official Facebook Page

The song is like a conversation of a man and wife bickering over splitting up. The wife typically points out that the man doesn’t act like a married man and tells the husband that he lost his home. The husband typically answers the wife with “Who’s gonna take your garbage out when I’ve packed my bags and gone?”

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