July 17

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Goes Country with “Love is Your Name”

Steven Tyler, popularly known as the lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith, is now a certified country singer. His song was released back in 2016 together with other genre-bending music. It was also a part of his album We’re All Somebody from Somewhere that was released in the same year.

The album was generally favored by the public. Although the transition from rock and roll to country music was a little bit unexpected, the talent from Steven Tyler is still undeniable.

steven tyler, love
via Screengrab from YouTube

Steven Tyler’s Style Shines through the Music Video

If you have watched the performance, you would be surprised by the whole new style of the singer. Since he is singing country music now, there is also a change of pace in the song. From being an inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we now see him in a hippie vibe and he is very laid back.

This type of music is usually heard on folk/country music and this is what Steven Tyler brought on the official music video. The fans received the transition of the singer really well and the music video even garnered 16 million views. The singer may have brought a whole new group of country fans from his fan base and we could not be happier.

steven tyler, love
via Steven Tyler’s official Facebook page

Lyrics Breakdown

I’ll walk through the fire
I’ll run through the rain
I’ll wait for forever
If love is your name

The chorus of the song packs the most powerful message in the track. It is your typical romantic line wherein someone is willing to do anything in the name of love. Whether you are sacrificing your life or not, love will really make you move mountains.

Steven Tyler is targeting the newer fans of country music. We could only wish that he would continue making country music since he is great at it.

Listen to his song here:


Aerosmith, steven tyler

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