January 8, 2023

Iconic Movie Performance of the song ‘Wooden Heart’ by Elvis Presley 

Seeing Elvis Presley perform will always be a memorable experience for any music fan. However, witnessing him sing “Wooden Heart” in one of his award-winning films, “G.I. Blues,” will undoubtedly make anyone’s heart beat faster than before. 

Norman Taurog directed the comedy film, which was released in 1960. The film claimed the title of “iconic” after placing second in the Laurel Award category for Top Musical of 1960.

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And in the said movie, he was seen performing one of his hit songs, “Wooden Heart.” He was seen singing the song’s lyrics while dancing with a wooden puppet in what seems to be a children’s mini-party. Besides that, he appears to be serenading the lady he adores in the movie, played by the ever-beautiful Juliet Prowse. 

He sang the song in front of the children with vigor and charm, which a king like Elvis Presley would do. The song is based on the German folk song “Muss I den.” Since Elvis Presley’s character in the movie is stationed in West Germany and aspires to build a nightclub after he gets out of the army, this might be a significant source of the song’s inspiration.

His performance in the film became legendary to many as he quickly mesmerized each listener and viewer with his magnificent voice and charming aura. He possesses an artistry that no other musician matches.

That’s why, if you want to complete your day, you should watch the full movie and Elvis Presley’s performance of the song “Wooden Heart” for yourself. But you can also watch the video below if you don’t have time.


Elvis Presley

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