April 24

Elvis Presley Praised the Lord on his Hit “Who Am I”

Most of the time, we are busy with other things and we forget the higher being who saved us from disgrace. Jesus was crucified and died on the cross for our sins to be cleansed. Most of the time though, we forget to give Him Praise. If asked how God changed your life, what would your answer be? Did you experience any miracle these past few days? Can I invite you to listen to the hit of King Elvis Presley “Who Am I” and internalize all the things that you’ve done these past few days?

Elvis Presley, The king of Rock and roll, who am i
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/Official Facebook Home Page

If you feel that you are alone and hopeless, don’t be scared to go to Him because He is always there for you. I hope that this hit will give you spiritual uplifting.

Elvis Presley: The Music Icon

He was one of the best music icons in history and also a fashion setter during his time. Of course, no one will ever forget the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. He started his career in 1953 and became one of the best-selling male solo artists. Further, a lot of people loved his style due to his funky music and seductive dancing.

Elvis Presley, the king of Rock and roll. who am i
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/ Official Facebook Home Page

Moreover, he became the figure of the newly popular sound which is rock and roll. With his success, Elvis Presley was able to release a lot of chart-topping hits. Plus, he received three Grammy Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award at the age of 36.

Praising the Lord

“Who Am I” was a hit popularized by the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley and it was included on his album “His Hand in Mine.” This spiritual hit was released in 1960, and it was one of the most inspiring hits from him. Go ahead and listen to it.


Elvis Presley

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