February 8

Elvis Presley’s Passion for Gospel Music Outpours In His Heartfelt Rendition of “Who Am I?”

While people saw Elvis Presley as a rock’n’roll god. His stepbrother, Billy Stanley, recalled that the singer would often say a fifteen-second-long prayer before he went on stage to calm his nerves and to ask God to help bless the concert. He had always been a devout Christian. In fact, according to Colonel Tom Parker, the singer loved gospel music better than anything. One of those tracks is “Who Am I?” from his 1970 album Let’s Be Friends (Expanded Edition). 

The original version of “Who I Am” is credited to Charles “Rusty” Goodman, a prolific composer in the Southern Gospel Music industry. 

A soulful gospel ballad, the track explores themes of self-reflection, humility, and spirituality. That is, the acknowledgement of the importance of humility in the presence of a higher power. More importantly, the lyrics allow the singer to express their heartfelt gratitude for God’s love and grace for anyone even despite all their shortcomings in life.

Elvis Presley’s Rendition of Who Am I?

 Elvis Presley had always been known for his soulful interpretation and heartfelt performance of gospel songs. That is, you can feel it in his every lyric, how deep his love for God was. And his rendition of “Who Am I?” flawlessy showcased that reputation. It was touching, and you will feel your soul uplifted after you’ve finished the whole song. 

Decades later, this song remains a respected and cherished gospel song – both in its original recording by the Goodman family and in Elvis Presley’s heartfelt rendition. 

Delve into a timeless message of spiritual introspection and humility with Elvis Presley’s powerful interpretation of “Who Am I?” in the video below. And if you’re looking to create a gospel playlist, the make sure to check out the rest of Elvis Presley’s gospel songs


Elvis Presley

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