June 27

Sawyer Brown’s “The Walk”: A Poignant Song About Cycles

Written by Mark Miller – the country band’s founder and lead singer – Sawyer Brown’s “The Walk” first appeared as the third and final single from their 1992 album Buick, before it made a repeat appearance on their follow-up album The Dirt Road.

Upon release, the song became extremely popular. It peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart while No. 5 in Canada. It’s one of Sawyer Brown songs that showcased the band’s tender and thoughtful side that fans had never seen before.

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The powerful ballad tells the tale of a man who recounts his life’s experiences by comparing it to “walking.” It began when he was just a boy who’s afraid to walk down the driveway to the school bus and go to school. Fortunately, his father was there to comfort him. 

Eventually, he became an adult with a much bigger world to conquer. Still, his father was by his side to give him the confidence he needs.

As the song goes, the narrator’s father has gotten very old and weak – this time, it was the son’s turn to hold his old man’s hand and walk down the driveway. It is indeed a poignant song about cycles.

According to Miller, “The Walk” was inspired by his grandfather, who raised him after his father died and was also one of his biggest fans. When Miller started having hit records with the band, his grandfather was so proud he had his own tour jacket. Unfortunately, Miller’s grandfather started to get old and sick. “I was losing him. That song came out of that experience,” he said.

In addition to that, becoming a first-time father himself has influenced the song as well. Miller actually said it was the first song he had written in which he had experienced every verse.

You can listen to “The Walk” by Sawyer Brown in the video below.


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