August 23

Mo Pitney Sings his Honest Feelings About “Country”

Mo Pitney is a rising country artist with traditional-sounding music. Many claims that he is the voice and hope of our generation because he represents what Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash hoped for in country music.

He wrote his track “Country” together with other veteran country songwriters, namely Connie Smith and Bobby Tomberlin.

mo pitney, country
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Behind Mo Pitney’s “Country”

Mo Pitney explained the inspiration behind the song:

“It’s a song about the word and what we think it means. It might not be totally accurate, but it’s what we think it means.”

This is a perfect song, representing all generations of country music since the songwriters came from different eras. They all have a different take on what country music is but they share one trait: being a big fan of Ray Price, Buck Owens, and Merle Haggard. This brought them to an understanding that no matter what country music you are listening to, we are still listening to the same genre.

Mo Pitney really is an amazing artist of our time and we should support him all the way.

mo pitney, country
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About the Song

Country ain’t even a place on the map,
It’s a place in your heart

Whether Mo is talking about country music or America in general, the lyrics still hold true. We all have an interpretation as to what country music is but it all boils down to our experiences and preferences. Country music is changing and so are the artists that we follow but the legacy of those who left us will always be in our hearts. We don’t have to be sad about the changes in country sound because of the rise of pop music. If we truly love traditional country music, the legacy that it left will always be in our hearts.

This also applies to our country, America. The values that we grew up with will always be there as long as we practice what we preach. This Mo Pitney track teaches that and more.

Listen to the song here:


Mo Pitney

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