July 3

Willie Nelson Releases Official Music Video for “Seven Year Itch”

Willie Nelson is working as hard as a horse with the continuous release of his music videos. Recently, he posted the official music video for his song “Seven Year Itch” and we could not wait to talk about it.

We all know that even at the age of 86, Willie is still making music. He recently wrote and recorded an album called Ride Me Back Home where he collaborated with a lot of people including his family and close friends. People praised Willie for the different genres that he put into his music.

willie nelson, 7 year
via Screengrab from YouTube

Willie Nelson’s “Seven Year Itch”

The song was written by Nelson himself together with Buddy Cannon. Just like his previous videos, the country singer is seen recording at his studio. He is accompanied by his fellow friends and staff, and they all have their own instruments to play. The music video is like a group presentation of people who are musically gifted.

You can see a lot of diverse instruments being played such as the harmonica, piano, maracas, guitar, and the cello.

willie nelson, 7 year
Image from Willie Nelson’s official Facebook page

Lyrics Breakdown

I decided to write the world’s best song
But when I got around to it, it had done moved on

As mentioned above, the song is not the typical Willie Nelson-s0ng that we used to hear growing up. The legendary country singer is playing with a lot of genres and you’ll realize that as you listen to the whole album. This one is on a different genre as well because it has a playful tone to it and the lyrics are funny.

willie nelson, 7 year
Photo Credits: Willie Nelson/Official Facebook Home Page

Willie Nelson’s voice is like that of a storyteller and it shows here in the song. He is moving away from the traditional music that he used to do and making a genre of his own. Willie is insanely talented to do this, and we hope that we could hear more music from him soon.

Listen to the whole album here.

Watch the official music video here.


Willie Nelson

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