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Old Soul Mo Pitney and his Album and Single “Behind this Guitar”

Old Soul Mo Pitney and his Album and Single “Behind this Guitar” 1
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In 2016, Mo Pitney released his debut album entitled “Behind this Guitar.” Many people were surprised at how an old soul he is because of the songs under the said album. Most of the track listings are mostly traditionalist in style and sounds. Indeed, he’s rising yet maintaining his country roots.

“Behind this Guitar” has twelve tracks all in all. Not to mention, Mo Pitney wrote ten out of the twelve. It is also proof that he is not just a singer but a coveted songwriter as well. Additionally, he humbly doesn’t focus on having a number one album. He plays music and makes a living out of it.

With this, let’s listen to some of his best singles under the album. You will be mesmerized how real and traditional Mo Pitney is. His deep-toned voice says it all.

Behind this Guitar…The Single…

“Behind this Guitar” is one of the tracks under the album. Unfortunately, it didn’t top the country charts. Nevertheless, it is a song that will remind us of the good old days of country music.

Behind this Guitar…The Album…

Old Soul Mo Pitney and his Album and Single “Behind this Guitar” 2
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As mentioned above, “Behind this Guitar” is composed of twelve tracks including his singles “Country,” “Everywhere,” “Boy and a Girl Thing,” and “Clean Up on Aisle Five.”

The other track listings are “I Met Merle Haggard Today,” “Come Do a Little Life,” “It’s Just a Dog,” “Take the Chance,” “When I’m With You,” “Love Her like I Lost Her,” and “Give Me Jesus.”

Here are some of the music videos of the songs under the album.


Clean Up on Aisle Five…

Boy and a Girl Thing…

Come Do a Little Life…

A Bit about Mo Pitney…

Mo Pitney debuted at the Grand Ole Opry where he received a standing ovation. Grand Ole Opry is the credible platform for country artists, legends, and rising stars. And for Mo Pitney, it is the stage to show the world what he has to offer.

Old Soul Mo Pitney and his Album and Single “Behind this Guitar” 3
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Pitney is a 24-year-old native of Cherry Valley, Illinois. His name is “Morgan Daniel Pitney” and was born on March 24, 1993. Pitney began playing drums at the age of 6 and guitar at 12. He learned how to play banjo, too. He formerly played with his brother and a friend in a band plainly of Bluegrass Country songs.

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