January 22

Mo Pitney’s “Clean Up On Aisle Five” Received Standing Ovation

Last June 20, 2014, Pitney was invited to perform at Grand Ole Opry. He sang “Clean Up On Aisle Five” which is part of his album “Behind This Guitar“. Surprisingly, the crowd loved his song and his performance. As a matter of fact, Pitney received a standing ovation for the entire minute.


About The Song…

Mo Pitney co-wrote the song with Wil Nance. Wil Nance also wrote the hit song of Brad Paisley “She’s Everything”. And if you remember the song “Same Old Lang Syne” by Dan Fogelberg in 1981. It was the song Nance in mind when writing the song “Clean Up on Aisle Five”. On the other hand, Pitney described the song as “sad and slow” so both Pitney and Nance wrote it in a sensitive and solemn manner of heartbreak.

The Story…

The song is a story of a man who bumped into the woman who broke his heart. The lyrics narrated how the ex-lovers met accidentally in a grocery store. The woman run and hugged him tightly. Then, a melodramatic scene occurred wherein the man was petrified, just staring at her while she’s running towards him. They chatted and laughed. Memories started to recurrent afterward. After the small talk, the woman went away. Again he can’t do anything but to see her go away. Little did the man know, he is still not yet over her? The man is still in love with her.

The Lyrics…

I stopped off at the grocery store
To pick up a few things
And I was reaching for some Cheerios
When I heard someone say my name
I knew exactly who it was
My heart started to race
I turned around my legs got weak
When I saw her face

There stood the girl that broke my heart
Just a year ago
I thought that I was over her
But little did I know
That running into her like that
Would leave me in a total mess
Wishing that we never said goodbye

And if I wasn’t standing in that store I might have laid right on that floor and cried
I heard that voice I saw that smile
Clean up on aisle five

She ran over and hugged my neck
I didn’t want her to let go
She smiled and said I looked just like a kid
With my box of Cheerios
We laughed and talked about old times
Which wasn’t all that smart
Cause it just left me with an emptiness
When she pushed away her cart

Mo Pitney's “Clean Up On Aisle Five” Received Standing Ovation 1

Click the link below too read more about the song.




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