March 1

Look How This Young Man Built a Cozy Log Cabin For Only $500

Do you ever dream of owning a comfortable log cabin in the middle of the woods but don’t have big bucks to spare for its hefty price tag? Well, this one young man did, and all it took him is eight months, $500, and some help from his friends.

Luckily for all of us, he filmed most of his work and added all the best moments into an almost two-hour documentary for us to witness.

In the video, the young man who goes by the name ‘The Outsider’ – and has revealed that he has no prior construction experience but only a passion for learning and building – captured himself finishing the off-the-grid outpost in the northern woods of Canada. It’s a privately owned bush lot, so this means he no longer has to comply with any building codes or secure any building permits – bringing down the cost even more.

Though he was able to enlist the help of his youth group along with several people from his church, he said he worked alone most of the time under the negative 30-degree temperature and in at least three feet of snow. He also did not use any power tools but only a chainsaw and an ax. This means all of the materials – the logs most especially – have to be manually transported.

The young builder wrote in the caption the details for the log cabin, which has a floor area of 10′ x 10′ and a roof section of 11′ x 16′. He used fifty-two logs, all in all; each has an estimated circumference of twenty-five inches and with the bark on. He also covered the roof with a durable tarp. On the other hand, the floor was set on nine patio stones with 2 “x4″ s for support and 2.25” thick rough-cut Poplar floorboards on top.

Out of his $500 budget, most of it was spent into the lumber he used for the roof, along with $15 for the gas, and $30 for the oil. Some of the items were donated by his friends too, such as the stove, windows, and the door, which used to be a coffee table.

You can check in the video below how this young man did it!


Log Cabin

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