May 19

Bride and Groom Had An Amazing Surprise For Their Guests Dancing To Blake Shelton’s “Footloose” 

Can you imagine “Footloose” at a wedding? Well, that may come as a surprise to you!

Truly, there is no shortage of traditions associated with weddings, but a newlywed couple’s first dance has always been the most awaited moment in every ceremony. It’s a much-loved part of wedding tradition. The guests look forward to seeing the bride and groom show their unending love and unity through dancing. 

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This is why choosing the perfect tune to mark the special occasion is very important – after all, it will be that one track that will encapsulate that forever feeling. While some couples may opt for an overly emotional tune to symbolize their love for one another or perhaps a song they played on their first date, this bride and groom had a different thing in mind!

Bride And Groom Hopped On The Dance Floor With Their Boots

When Trent and Annalisa Brookshier got married in 2013, they made sure to shock their wedding guests. The two changed their outfits and hopped on the dance floor with their dancing boots. 

With Blake Shelton‘s “Footloose” blaring through the speakers, Trent kicked things off with his solo dance that got everyone on their feet, cheering for the dancing groom – who suddenly even did a perfect backflip.

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Trent definitely showcased what he got, even doing an amazing pirouette before his stunning new wife Annalisa joined in to do her part. Without any hesitation, the happy couple went on with their outrageously exciting and sensual choreography. They’ve performed different killer spins and jumps before inviting the entire crowd to take center stage and finish the dance with them. Of course, the wedding guests were happy to oblige and huddled around the bride and groom.

So, what do you think of “Footloose” as the bride and groom’s song choice for their wedding? Check out the video below to see their spectacular first dance.


Blake Shelton

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