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Jake Owens Takes Us “Down to the Honkytonk” with His New Single

Jake Owens may not have ended up in the Hall of Fame but his “Down to the Honkytonk” is an incredible song you’ll remember. In 2018, Owens released his “Down to the Honkytonk” as a single. As a result, it amazingly climbed the top of the Canadian chart. Furthermore, it was able to secure a spot on the Country Airplay and Hot Country chart.

Jake Owens Greetings from...jake Down to the Honkytonk
Photo Credit: Jake Owens/ Sara Kauss/ Billboard

His new single is surely throwing us back to the past with his references of songs and names.

Got a house down a back road
I got a flag on the front porch
I got a dog named Waylon
I got a driveway that needs pavin’
I got a boat with a two stroke
I got some ‘guaranteed make ya laugh’ jokes
I got friends in low places

“Down to the Honkytonk” was penned by Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird, and Shane McAnally.

All About the Song

Owens’ single reminds us that we don’t need to have everything to be happy. Sometimes, the simple things in life can bring happiness to us. It’s not usually how much money we have or how famous we are. Most of the time, just a cold beer and a good conversation with people you love is all that matters. Like the narrator in Owens’ song, who knows that he might not be famous or he might not end up in the Hall of Fame. However, he knows where to go and feel happy, just down the Honkytonk.

I might not go down in history
But I’ll go down to the honkytonk

Greetings from… Jake

On March 29, Owens released his latest album Greetings from… Jake. The album contained two singles he released last year, “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” and “Down to the Honkytonk.” His album represented Owens as who he really is, he said that it’s a

“fresh hello from a point in my career where I feel so comfortable and fulfilled”

His album placed at number eight on the country albums chart. In addition, it crossed over to the pop chart at number sixty-five.

Here’s the second single from Owens album you’ll really enjoy.


Jake Owens

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