April 29

A Hunter Shares a Short Clip of World Record Elk He Found In Colorado Wilderness

In 2015, a video of a large male elk with a gorgeous rack caught people’s attention, and now, it has been making the rounds on the internet again. 

According to Lee Cox, who uploaded the video on his YouTube channel, they found this beautiful wildlife in the middle of the forest during their hunting trip in Cimarron, Colorado. He added that it was as big as 525 inches while its antlers measure 75 inches wide. Pretty magnificent, isn’t it?

The Largest Elk Herd in North America

Colorado’s beauty goes above and beyond. It is filled with so many stunning spaces and places – from its breathtaking landscapes and towering mountains. In fact, it was voted as the state “with the most beautiful scenery.”

In addition to that, the state in the Mountain West boasts the largest elk herd in North America. There are an estimated of 283,000 elk roaming around the landscape in Colorado. This only means that it is the king when it comes to the possibility of hunting elks, the most sought-after big game animals you’ll be able to find in the United States.

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One of the many places where you’ll find large elk numbers in Colorado is the Bull Basin Ranch, where patrons from different countries around the world can visit for some quality hunting and fishing trips – with the help of professional tour guides.

It’s actually the largest high-fenced elk hunting ranch that can be found in the gorgeous Cimmaron mountains near Montrose, Colorado.

“We have the largest hunting area and the largest private herd of elk in North America with huge numbers of bulls over 400 inches,” the family-operated ranch said, adding the guarantee of the absolute best elk hunt in all of North America.

Well, this is perhaps your sign to gear up and be mesmerized by such amazing wildlife! Meanwhile, you can watch the video of the massive, gorgeous elk in the video below.


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