July 30

Our Kind of Country HOT LEGS BY ROD STEWART: One Fine Example of Honky-tonkin’ Country Music

“…unrecognized classic gems from a likewise unrecognized gem of a country artist…”


BEAUTIFUL IS TODAY—AS ALWAYS. And today I feel like talkin’ ‘bout one of them unrecognized classic gems from a likewise unrecognized gem of a country artist

[…“Sir Roddy”…]

PRESENTING SIR RICK DAVID STEWART! Yeah, the British-folk know him as “Sir Roddy” but he is more familiar to us folks as Rod Stewart.

“…of the upbeat honky-tonk country kind.”

BORN IN 1945 ON JANUARY 10, Stewart’s music often took on a new wave or soft rock/middle-of-the-road quality from the late 1970s through the 1990s. Unbeknownst to many people (unbeknownst, what a word, eh? Hahaha!), Rod Stewart’s music was mainly of the upbeat honky-tonk country kind. A couple fine examples are, of course, Maggie May and Hot Legs. The latter, whose very amusing music video out in the country, we’ll be showing to you in a bit.

Sexy-ness in an amusing kind of way.”

BOTH FUNNY AND FUN is this music video for, One: They’ve put in all the aesthetics of the Classic Travelling Honky-tonk Country Band. Goin’ abouts around the countryside playin’ they’re music then, eventually ending up playin’ for country folk at a farm. Two: Sexy-ness in an amusing kind of way. Integrating a be-fishnet stockinged pair o’real long, sexy and high-heeled pair o’legs, the scene reinforces the chorus that goes, “Hot legs… Hot legs…” So, let me pause a bit—PUSH PLAY—an’ see the video…

I TRULY HOPE that you folks enjoyed (and keep on enjoying) Roddy’s music and thanks for watching this humorously entertaining video.

This is Our Kind of Country and, as ALWAYS,



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