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Will Kelly Clarkson’s 9th Album Be About Her Divorce?


Artists do not usually mix together things especially when it comes to their career and personal lives, but when they do, it requires a lot of courage as that will be an invitation to criticisms and interrogation. Kelly Clarkson used her passion to let out the boiling emotions after she opened about her divorce with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock on June 4.

An Unexpected News

For seven-years, Kelly and Brandon lived together and were able to start a family. They were even living under the same roof when the Coronavirus pandemic twitched and temporarily halted Kelly Clarkson’s music career. But with long silence and disconnection with the media, some unforeseen events happened when news got around stating that Clarkson is away from their home in LA and was living in her and Brandon’s former apartment. To add salt to the wound, the word got out about their divorce, thus, formally severing their relationship with each other.

Many people were surprised, and she, as a mother tries, to do her best to make her kids understand the complicated situation they were into. Things were really hard for Kelly Clarkson and here’s when she decided to write the most personal album she’s written in her entire career, one that even her children witnessed her doing as a self-therapy. Apparently, she used her free time to make this album before the new season of The Voice premieres, and she has an ample more for completion just until October.

A Strong Mother and an Emotional Singer

With respect to what she feels, we cannot expect less from her for she is known to have written overly emotional music tracks throughout her career such as ‘Piece by Piece’. No additional information is currently available about her latest album.

Kelly Clarkson refuses to expose her children’s minds to what really happened to their parents’ relationship. In their tender ages of 4 and 6, they still have a wholesome image of Clarkson and Blackstock.

Approximately four months ago, Clarkson also listed their home in LA for sale for $10 Million which comprises eight bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, two half-baths, and a two-story guest house. She and Brandon bought it in 2018.

As country fans, there is nothing we can do but to hope and pray for brighter days to come for Kelly Clarkson, her children, and her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.