December 19

Take a Peek at Dolly Parton’s Early Morning Routine


Either you’re a night owl or an early bird, but whichever one you are, Dolly Parton takes the latter.

A Workaholic Early Bird

In a recent interview as she appears in the Pop Culture RuPaul’s Drag Race show, Dolly Parton shared that she begins her day in an untimely hour of 3 a.m. But as she explains why it’s nothing out of the ordinary. She just gets her job done quicker when working around those hours.

If you would ask her if she wouldn’t feel tired during the daytime, she would probably respond that she doesn’t require a lot of sleep, probably three to five hours is plenty for her. But if ever she feels tired, she always finds time to take a quick power nap during her work hours for a significant energy boost.

Dolly Parton, although a workaholic, is a Christian too. So if you would catch her up in the middle of the night (for most people), if she wasn’t working, or writing a song, she probably might be praying. 3-7 AM is her time for spiritual work, peak and best writing hours, business work like call-ins, etc., the Country Legend says.

A Farmer’s Mornings

Further emphasizing her spiritual life, she has a great analogy for it. She feels like a farmer, and God is a farmer. It all roots to the calm mood and ambiance as most of the people’s energies are down. God goes out and throws down golden corn nuggets for her to feed on. For Parton, these are ideas she uses and shares through music in her career.

But what she’s excited about the most is the chance to spend her mornings with her 50-year life partner Carl Dean. He would make breakfast and oftentimes, they would share. In her interview on December 7, she told everyone that her husband makes sausage patties while she bakes biscuits and has some milk gravy. She’s pretty meticulous about her body so sometimes, she wouldn’t eat them. But when she does, she enjoys the little bonding time they share.

She might take a pass on her husband’s morning treats but what she never passes on is her daily devotion. She wakes up and gives thanks to God for the night and ask him to bless the day and bring all the right things He’s prepared for everyone. She would also ask the Lord to guide her and lead her actions throughout the day and she would pray that the Lord would use her talents to uplift mankind and to always use it to glorify His name.


Dolly Parton

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