February 8

Marine Meets Son with Cerebral Palsy Walk for the First Time

It was truly an incredible and inspiring moment for those who witnessed the reunion between a marine, and his son with cerebral palsy. Tears started flowing when he saw his son take his very first steps into the arms of his father.

Staff Sgt. Jeremy Cooney is a marine who is serving in Afghanistan. While in the Middle East, his wife, Melissa, and their son worked hard and diligently to give Jeremy an epic surprise.

With their efforts and hard work, Melissa’s son, who has cerebral palsy, miraculously started showing signs of mobility. Melissa explained:

“Doctors originally said that [our son] would never walk or do much of anything. While daddy was away, he learned to walk.”

Overjoyed of what she has witnessed, Melissa tried to keep it a secret from Jeremy.

By the time her husband returned home, the reunion between the father and the son was quite emotional. Everyone was in tears of happiness as they witness a young boy with cerebral palsy walk confidently towards his father. Extremely shocked by what he saw, Jeremy stood on his post and patiently waited with his arms outstretched to greet his little hero.

It was an incredible scene to watch as if it were a movie being filmed. As the child finally reached his father, Jeremy scooped him into his arms. Everyone burst into cheers and roaring applause filled the auditorium.

Check out the emotional reunion of the Jeremy Cooney and his son here:

What is Cerebral Palsy?

According to Cerebral Palsy Guidance, cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common motor disability in childhood. It is a neurological disorder that affects a child’s movement, motor skills, and muscle tone. Moreover, cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage. It develops while the baby is still in the uterus, during labor and delivery, or shortly after birth.

CP can lead to a number of other medical conditions, depending on the severity of the disorder. Other medical issues can include speech problems, learning disabilities, epilepsy, problems with hearing and vision, emotional issues, spinal deformities, and joint problems.


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