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Best Log Cabin Kits Under 1100 SQF You Will Find In The Market Today

If you’re dreaming of living in a log cabin, then today is your lucky day! We have gathered different log cabin kits that will suit every size, budget, and style you need. This means you don’t have to cut down your own trees —these kits come ready to assemble.

1. Mountain King Log Cabin Kit (1,080 SQF)

This kit offers the ultimate luxury that will take your log cabin experience to the next level. It has spacious living rooms and loft-style rooms that would make a perfect family vacation cabin or even as a permanent residence too.

There’s also a space for a full kitchen where you can easily prepare your holiday meals, and it has plenty of storage space that’s ideal for your outdoor gear like fishing equipment, hiking boots, etc. Without a doubt, making lasting memories with family and friends is possible with Mountain King Log Cabin Kit.

2. Brandywine Log Cabin (740 SQF)

Brandywine Log Cabin remarkably comes with a bedroom and full bath combined with an economical, accessible kitchen, spacious room, and extra loft space that makes it ideal for cabin lovers everywhere.

The kitchen’s cabinet space is also amazing, that every cook in the family will surely appreciate it. Meanwhile, the loft extends the width of the cabin so you can use it as a bedroom or a playroom. It also has a side entrance, and it passes through space you can possibly convert into a laundry room.

With Brandywine Log Cabin, there will surely be no shortage of family and friends who would like to stay with you.

3. Vacationer Log Cabin (727 SQF)

As its name suggests, Vacationer Log Cabin is ideal for a vacation that you’ll feel like you’re on one of the luxurious cabin rentals. Whether you and your family enjoy hunting, fishing, or swimming, this best-selling small cabin kit will quickly be the family’s favorite meeting spot. 

It has a six-foot-deep covered porch where you can spend a relaxing time with friends or play games with your little one. The loft can be accessed using a ladder, providing even more space. There are also separate bedrooms for much-needed privacy and a full kitchen where you can create hearty meals. Clearly, all of your vacation needs will be met by this log cabin.

4. Hickory Hill Log Cabin (667 SQF)

Whether you are looking for small cabin plans for a lodge or just a getaway retreat, the Hickory Hill Log Cabin can give you a convenient and pleasant solution. 

Its loft offers additional sleeping space, while its living area is spacious enough for the entire family. It also comes with a full kitchen where you can comfortably prepare meals after a day of exploring the great outdoors.

It’s the best cabin for families who love nature, those who feel right at home in the middle of the wilderness and enjoy the fresh air.

5. Trout Run Log Cabin (600 SQF)

The Trout Run Log Cabin DIY kit has been designed with fishermen in mind – but you don’t have to be a fisherman to appreciate its features. It contains two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a living area with a spacious kitchen. Even though it’s just 600 sqft, there is enough room for you to place a huge dining table, while its living room area is spacious enough to accommodate a couch or even a complete entertainment center.

There’s also extra storage available on top of the bathroom where you can conveniently place your equipment, outdoor gears, extra bedding, among others.

6. Heritage Log Cabin (580 SQF)

The Heritage Log Cabin is the smaller version of the Vacationer Log Cabin. Still, this picturesque cozy cottage can be your perfect weekend getaway spot. 

You will actually find everything you need in this 580 square feet vacation cabin. It comes with one bedroom and one bathroom plus another room where you can place some tables and chairs for a charming sitting area or playroom. The kitchen area is also well-designed – giving you enough space to place a stove, sink, and even a refrigerator without sacrificing comfort.

Of course, its six-foot covered porch is an excellent place for you to relax as you appreciate your surroundings.

Small Cabins Under 500 Square Feet

7. Outdoorsman Log Cabin (424 SQF)

The Outdoorsman Log Cabin kit is popular among fishermen and hunters as it can be easily used as a fishing or hunting cabin kit. In fact, you will often see it all over the country, with its log cabin walls being adorned with many trophies. 

What’s great about this model is that it offers more than just comfortable shelter. This A-frame cabin kit is composed of one bedroom, a full bathroom, and a living area with a kitchen.

8. Bear Creek Log Cabin (408 SQF)

This small DIY log cabin kit is perfect for small family getaways. Build it in a place your family enjoys visiting, and your family will surely have fun with the whole assembly process. For sure, your kids will definitely start looking forward to coming year after year.

9. Boulder Lodge Log Cabin (292 SQF)

Boulder Lodge Log Cabin kit may be small, but it’s enough to accommodate up to four people – thanks to its bunk beds feature. It also has a spacious living area you can enjoy with your family and a comfortable kitchen. They were even able to fit a storage loft on top of the bathroom to secure your gear and extra supplies.

And the best part is that it is not only affordable but it is also easy to assemble.

10. Serenity Log Cabin (280 SQF)

Surprisingly, the Serenity Log Cabin kit is still spacious despite being just 280 square feet. It has a private bedroom, living area, and bathroom. Its bedroom comes with a sink though an optional kitchenette is available.

Other small log cabin kits you need to check out!

11. Shenandoah Log Cabin (232 SQF)

12. Durango Log Cabin (232 SQF)

13. Aspen Log Cabin (195 SQF)

14. Getaway Log Cabin (195 SQF)

15. Pioneer Log Cabin (169 SQF)

What’s great about log cabin kits is that you can build them with your family or friends and make new memories together as you share all the joys of log cabin living together. But if you think building one is complicated enough, don’t worry; there are plenty of small cabins for sale you can choose from, too.



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