July 5

Veterans are Finding New Ways to Save the Country

Our veterans have always been sacrificing and protecting the country. From being deployed at war-torn countries or protecting our motherland from terrorists, we have always relied on them. This time, they have a new mission: to protect our corals from total destruction.

We all know the danger that we are causing to our coral reefs. These veterans see it as another way of helping the country and the world.

veterans, coral reefs
Photo by Jim Hellemn / Force Blue

Veterans New Mission

The mission is organized by the Force Blue Organization. You can check their website here if you want to offer your help. They are a non-profit organization that aims to protect, preserve, and ensure the longevity of our coral reefs.

One diver, in particular, said that this activity is not only helping them with their Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder but it is also helping them save the ocean. Co-founder of Force Blue, Jim Ritterhoff said:

“We were like, ‘wait a second, we can do some real good for our veteran community and at the same time, we can use our veteran community to help the environment and reach an audience that currently isn’t getting the message.”

veterans, coral reefs
via Screengrab from CBS News

Saving our Coral Reefs

Since the launch of the non-profit organization, a lot of veterans have enlisted their help. Their cause really made it possible for other ex-military personnel to realize that they can continue their good work for America and the country. Over the course of 7 months alone, they have saved one type of coral reef from the damage that it got.

A lot of the people are still skeptical about the whole climate change and the destruction of our natural resource, but with the efforts of our Veterans who are considered a hero, we hope to be more open-minded about the changes in our environment. This, in turn, will help us start the change and save our planet earth.

Listen to Toby Keith‘s song about veterans here:



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