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Martin’s BBQ In Nashville: A Place That Should Be On Your Dining List

Nashville is definitely known for its bustling music scene and focal point of entertainment, but when it comes to barbecue, it is no slacker either. The Music City is actually home to legendary barbecue restaurants, including whole hogs and exceptional pulled pork. And today, we’re sharing with you the jewel of the crown: Martin’s BBQ in Nashville.

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Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint is one of the prime venues in the Nashville area’s dining scene. It offers a little bit of southern charm blended with a whole lot of pork that makes it one to put on your list.

What’s In The Menu

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The growing barbecue empire has been wowing its visitors with hogs that are roasted in their entirety, covered with a signature spice blend, and cooked over hickory wood for one whole day. Of course, they also offer various meats – from pulled pork and chicken to sausage and brisket.

And while you may order the whole hog and West Tennessee-style barbecue, you should not miss other smokey treats – especially the bologna sandwich that comes straight from the barbecue pit. If you want some unique experience, you need to try any of Martin’s meats on a corncake, which they call Redneck Taco.

Meanwhile, Martin’s has also made a name for itself on the strength of their homemade sauces that make an incredible dining experience. “We believe in the importance of good technique and doing things the right way, and this applies to everything we serve from our whole hog Bar-B-Que to our made from scratch sides,” the joint said. 

Get To Know the Owner

More than its great, irresistible food, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint also has an interesting beginning. Owner Pat Martin was only 28 then – fresh from divorce – when he had to quit his lucrative job at one finance firm in Nashville. It got him so mad that he even defaced his boss’ desk.

Though he wasn’t proud of what he did back then, it helped him realize his lifelong dream of making and selling barbecue. A few more jobs later, Martin found himself renting a recently shut down restaurant after it failed to pay three months’ worth of rent. He took a loan from a bank with his house as the collateral, hired one person, and worked 90-hour weeks. Soon enough, Martin was already running out of food almost every day.

Today, Martin learned from his mistakes and is a nationally renowned pitmaster. “When you build something from nothing, it’s impossible not to be proud of it and emotionally connected to it,” he said.

Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint Offers A Lot More

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Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint is also known for its great amenities. The restaurant is actually a huge building wherein the ground floor provides a full-service restaurant while the massive beer garden upstairs offers a whole lot of entertainment. There’s a stage for live music, two bars, picnic tables, and plenty of games.

Of course, there’s also wireless internet, a private dining room for up to 150 guests, a full-service bar, free public parking (except for the one located at Downtown Nashville), and the best part of all – it’s smoke-free! 

The restaurant will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at a limited capacity. But remember, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint does not accept reservations at any of their locations. Guests must “get in line, order at the counter, take a seat where you please, and we bring the food to you.”


Martin's BBQ

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