Noah's Ark in Kentucky


Arden Lambert


March 14, 2021


March 14, 2021


March 14, 2021

The family-friendly Noah’s Ark in Kentucky is bigger than you can ever imagine!

The wooden ark has been a famous attraction ever since its opening in 2016. It all started when Ken Ham, an Australian Christian fundamentalist and founder of Answers in Genesis, created the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. Mr. Ham then began to notice that it was a great way to spread his belief that: the Bible is a history book, the universe has been around for only 6,000 years ago, and evolution is absolutely not right and would just lead to our moral downfall.

So he decided to build the massive Noah’s ark just about 45 minutes away from the highly acclaimed museum to attract millions more of guests. He enlisted the help of the skilled Amish woodworkers to build it from standing dead timber and was financed by donations, junk bonds, and tax rebates from the state of Kentucky.

But what’s even great was their commitment to historical accuracy. Building it according to the dimensions provided by the bible, the full-size Noah’s Ark comes in 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high – giving you a peek at what really could have Noah’s life been like.

Anyway, here are some things you can do in this massive structure.

1. Travel back in time through its exhibits!

Upon entering Noah’s world aboard the gargantuan ark, you will get to tour three decks filled with world-class exhibit bays. This includes the living quarters for Noah and his seven other family members where you can get a glimpse of how they might have lived on the ark – from cooking their food to sleeping and having fun while waiting for the flood to subside.

The little ones will surely have so much fun with the many animals they will see on board too! With the lifelike sculpted animals, your kids will absolutely get to imagine how Noah could have taken care of all the animals and how he fit them all on the ark. 

In addition to that, there’s also an exquisite exhibit for the rainbow, created for God’s covenant to never again flood the earth. There’s also an exhibit of the pre-flooded world to see what the situation was like during Noah’s time. You will be surprised by the technology used by the early men and see for yourself the reason why God flooded the world.

2. Get up close with real animals in the Ararat Ridge Zoo and Petting Area.

For some real animals, you can visit the Ararat Ridge Zoo and Petting Area, where you will get to meet mammals, birds, and reptiles from all over the world.

The zoo offers several family-friendly activities such as animal shows where you can be up-close with different animal ambassadors. They will teach you what animal kinds are and how you can be a great steward of nature. You can also experience what it’s like living during biblical times by riding one of the zoo’s dromedary camels. 

Other activities include the kangaroo walkabout and meeting the friendly goats at the petting area.

3. Release the adrenaline rush at the Screaming Eagle.

For some outdoor adventures such as zip line courses, aerial challenges, and free fall, you can find them at the Screaming Eagle. It is overseen by trained staff and held to high standards of safety. 

Make sure to book your tour as soon as possible to secure activity and time that works for you.

4. Dine with your family.

After your exciting adventure, you can relax with your family and friends on the picturesque deck of Emzara’s Kitchen. It is a two-story casual restaurant that offers not only good food but also a breathtaking view of the Ark.

Indeed, the Noah’s Ark in Kentucky is an architectural and engineering wonder with its huge structure itself, extraordinary craftsmanship, and incredible world-class exhibits. 


Noah's Ark



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