June 14

Noah’s Story as Told by the Statler Brothers in a Song

statler brothers noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord

Have you found grace in the eyes of the Lord? Noah did. He was a man who lived a life with no sin also a happy life with his family. With his kindness and good heart, God chose Noah to do something special. Just like Noah, we can be a good person and still be happy. In addition, being kind will bring us a favor to the Lord, and one day He will use us to do something good for others.

“Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord”

The Statler Brothers performed a song about Noah and how he found favor in the Lords’ eyes. “Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord” was written by Richard Schmertz. The song was part of their album Holy Bible: Old Testament, which was a collection of songs written by various songwriters and released in 1975. The Statler brothers always deliver beautiful, heartfelt gospel songs that people appreciate.

The Song’s Content

The song was written in the way the bible tells the story of Noah. The time God asked Noah to build the ark, and how He commanded Noah to select two animals of each kind. It included the part where God created the rainbow. Every part of the song is the same as that in the bible. But, do you know why God chose Noah to do this job? It is because Noah is a good man. He has shown kindness, and he has been faithful to God. Noah serves God without hesitation he believes that God will take care of him and he never doubts God.

Just like Noah, let us be more faithful to the Lord. Let us do more good things and serve God by helping one another. In Addition, let us have faith that God will always be there for us, and never second guess God’s plan for us.

Here is “Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord” by the Statler Brothers. Let us find grace too in the eyes of the Lord.

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