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CMT and Ram Trucks Donate $25,000 for Nashville’s #SaveOurStages Movement


Some of the greatest collaborations can indeed be found performing in the industry of Country Music. But collaborations which really bring home the bacon are those extending further beyond music, and right now, it is Ram Trucks and CMT aiming to save the tiniest stages in Nashville where their stars shine the brightest.

It started with the #SaveOurStages Movement by artists Hardy, Ingrid Andress, and Caylee Hammack.

Small Stages Make Big Careers

The #SaveOurStages movement began during the 2020 CMT Awards night performance of Hardy, Ingrid Andress, and Caylee Hammack on October 21. They performed their best in Ram Side Stage in Nashville with clear emphasis that they were meant to perform on stage. After that, they were featured in an episode of Night Out Nashville, and here’s when their emotions became words. The trio stated how it was good to finally be able to perform again, yet still very sad as the social distancing protocols really hurt uncountable careers like how it led concerts to be put on hold.

But before their big break on the Ram Side Stage, they were already starting to get back on pace by performing in small venues around Nashville. The three found themselves stuck in the same scenario. What’s clear to them is that the venues they performed in struggles to survive to continue bringing content to even their most loyal audiences.

The Listening Room

Ingrid Andress wanted to lend help to “The Listening Room” as it was one of the first venues he goes to just to test out his music.  In response to the help, they were grateful that the community had the ability to come together when times are tough. They considered the donation from CMT and Ram Trucks a great blessing and will guarantee to keep their doors open for quite a long time. They said that they will continue to push forward to keep Nashville’s songwriters performing.

The Basement

For Caylee Hammack, she called “The Basement” calling her roots, and have been wanting to perform there ever since. Upon receiving CMT and Ram Trucks’ help, the venue managers became emotional. They expressed their deepest thanks for keeping their 15-years of labor alive and said that they will keep on organizing shows who will still follow health protocols even though it would take a toll on them.

The Rocketown

Lastly, for Hardy, he wanted to extend his help to “Rocketown,” not because of sentimental feelings, but as a launching pad for future and aspiring artists. For him, it is the small venues that really make the people shine. It is the starting point of many careers nowadays.