October 30

Nicole Kidman Won’t Stop Making Keith Urban Feel that He’s So Loved


It has been 14 years since the day Keith Urban met his wife Nicole Kidman. Through the numerous times they faced difficulties, Urban and Kidman have no plans of stopping. What could have been the secret of their no drama and long-lasting marriage?

From Nashville to Hollywood, there’s no dispute about Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman being one of the cutest couples in show business. Known by everyone who followed their socials, Kidman and Urban do not hold back in making everyone know through their respective socials how much they love each other.

I’m Married to a Really Good Man

The 53-year-old Kidman took it a bit further and appreciated her husband, who turned 53 last Monday, as a “really good man.” She added that she and their children are blessed to have a great father like Keith Urban.

For Kidman, one of the things that she appreciates the most is the way her husband expresses his admiration. According to the Hollywood star, Urban has various ways of expression, but it usually boils down to plain-speak and across musical terms. Kidman likes the way he gives it thought through music and boy, it really gets her.

Love and Gardening

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban never texted even since they were dating. Now that they are married, they still do the same. The 14-year couple prefers using FaceTime than having each other misinterpret what their text messages meant.

For Urban, his relationship with Kidman is similar to how people maintain their gardens at home. The country star acknowledges that for their relationship to last, it requires tons of work. Otherwise, there would be outgrowths. Finding another garden, of course, is not an option.

Now with Kids

As they raise their family together, it stirred some curious minds as to why Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s two children don’t have their own social media accounts.

For Kidman, she, herself, is not a digital native. This makes things harder for her especially in monitoring her children’s online exposure. Though it always has been a constant conversation between her and their eldest child who is now 12-years-old, Hollywood’s power couple stood their ground in saying “no” to their children having Instagram this early.


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