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The Best Places to Go Tubing in Texas

Tubing in Texas is the easiest and most fun way to cool off, especially during the summer months. Texans love floating on a river in an inner tube, particularly when the temperature reaches three-digit numbers.

All thanks to the rivers near the cities, tubing is accessible to everyone. Tubing has become a mainstay leisure activity in the state. No matter which river you choose, there will be outfitters nearby that are ready to take you to key access points. You can also rent tubes. 

If you want to try floating down, here are the best places to float in Texas:

1. Guadalupe River

Talk about the most visited river in Texas and you’ve got the Guadalupe River. It’s a 230-mile river that goes all the way from central Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. 

If you want to catch the best floating spots, then head to the Texas Hills Country. Hop first to the Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, San Marcos, or San Antonio. These places are the most popular places to float and they’re top-rated summer tubing destinations.

Depending on what floats your boat, you can choose between an all-day tubing adventure or just a short float. The Guadalupe River not only boasts fantastic floater-friendly currents but also offers spots shaded by cypress trees. 

You can sit back and enjoy a beer in hand and let the river take you on a relaxing float.

2. Comal River

Guadalupe River has a notable stream and it’s called the Comal River. You can come to New Braunfels and enjoy a short two and a half miles of relaxed floating. 

You can visit with your pals and start your journey at Landa Park. This spring-fed body of water wows with its crystal clear waters. It’s the best soothing experience from the scorching Texan summer days. You can also spice up your tubing spree by bringing along alcoholic beverages. If you do, please remember that Styrofoam and glasses aren’t allowed in the area. 

Once your float is over, you can come to the “tuber’s exit” right before this river meets the massive Guadalupe.

3. San Marcos River

If you found yourself in San Marcos, Texas, on a hot summer day, then you can stop by for a floating adventure at the San Marcos River.

It’s one of the most notable spots in Texas with its clean waters. It comes with coeds from Texas State University. As a tributary of the amazing Guadalupe, it’s also a spring-fed river. 

With its cool temperatures at only 72 degrees Fahrenheit almost all year round, this river is flocked by locals and tourists. You can start your tubing experience at the city park right behind the Strahan Basket Stadium.

The San Marcos River stretches a mile from the starting spot. You can take your exit before you reach Rio Vista Park.

4. Frio River

West Texas welcomes every local and visitor to its best tubing sport, the Frio River. Frio is the Spanish translation of the word “cold.” So if you come here, expect a 200-mile long adventure of cool water adventure. 

As you float, you can enjoy the scenic views of the state. The spring-fed water makes this experience a memorable escape from the blazing summer afternoons in Texas. 

You can start your tubing escapade by heading to Garner State Park. It’s a famous spot to gain easy access to the river. Unlike other rivers nestled in the Texas Hill Country, this one doesn’t suffer from the influx of visitors. It’s a remote adventure perfect for those who want an intimate floating experience with friends and family.

5. South Llano River

Sitting in the northwest part of Austin, Texas, the South Llano offers a great spot to float. It’s also nestled near Junction, Texas, and it’s a tributary of the Colorado River. 

You can enter the river through various starting points. However, many tubers tend to enter it near the South Llano River State Park. Others also choose to start on the sport before the park at Boone’s Crossing. 

This family-friendly tubing spot also offers kayaking and canoeing escapades. 

6. Brazos River

Another multi-adventure haven is the Brazos River. It sits near Caddo, Texas, and it’s a great spot for tubing, kayaking, and canoeing. Reaching this place can be quite a drive from Austin or Dallas. 

Since it’s not as crowded as other tubing spots on this list, it’s ideal for those who want the area for themselves. Most floaters love entering the water near Possum Kingdom State Park. The park also welcomes campers, which is a great chance for tubers who wish to relax before hopping on the waters.

The Brazos River offers varying flow currents. You can float on quicker or slow currents depending on the weather. It’s fed by Lake Granbury and during mid-summers, Brazos welcomes tourists who wish to experience a classic Texan escape from the sun. During this time, the water levels also tend to run low which is great if you want a slow and steady float.

7. Trinity River

For locals in Dallas, they can have the pleasure of tubing in the nearby Trinity River. It’s the most prominent river in the area. The Trinity River Vision Authority hosts major tubing activities. Meanwhile, the Rockin’ the River concert series takes place in June. 

During this time, tubers can rave on live music while floating the Trinity River. It’s the ultimate definition of going with the flow. It’s a Texan mark and it’s the only river that flows within the borders of the state. 

8. Medina River

If you’re thinking about a whimsical secluded float, then better reach for the Medina River. Floating here lets you experience one of the most scenic floats in the state. It’s a 120-mile adventure that mesmerizes floaters with its mild rapids and evergreen clear waters. 

As it sits near the Bandera town, it remains a wonderful spring-fed river that also relies on rainfall for its flow. Since it’s an isolated area, you need to find proper shuttle services, tubes, and excursions. 

Nothing is truly Texan than going tubing in Texas. So if you’re swinging by the Lone Star State, experience local by keeping it cool, grabbing a beer, and choosing from the best places to float. 


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