Americas Marines Singing Days of Elijah


Riley Johnson


December 19, 2023


December 19, 2023


December 19, 2023

In 2014, a group of US Marines gathered in worship, singing along to Robin Mark’s “Days of Elijah.” Merrie Pardee Baldwin submitted the inspiring video to The Church Guide’s Facebook page, and it immediately went viral. The clip was also posted on YouTube and has since earned five million views. 

Praising the Lord

The four-minute-seventeen-seconds-long clip of America’s wonderful men and women praising the Lord was overflowing with love and energetic camaraderie.

Right at the start of the song, the Marines were already into it – their arms linked together around their shoulders as they swayed with the music. When the chorus hit, they even had their own simple choreography. 

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As they sang, “Behold, He comes riding on the clouds,” they raised their arms up in the air and made a small hand gesture mimicking waves. Then they moved their arms left and right, and at “trumpet call,” they all imitated how trumpets were played. 

They lifted their voices even more as they piped, “Lift your voice, the year of jubilee.” Then, they made a triangle shape out of their hands to signify “Zion’s hill.”

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For the second verse, they went back to linking their arms, unafraid of proclaiming their love for God. Again, when the chorus came, they repeated the choreography. But the most chilling part was when they started jumping up and down as they sang in complete unison, “There’s no God like Jehovah.”

Until the end of the song, their energy never faltered, and the joy was never wiped off their faces. They were worshipping with their hearts full and grateful. After it ended, they all clapped their hands. 

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In the comments section, people shared their love for the soldiers and thanked them for serving the country and protecting its people. Some even said that they were moved to tears seeing the brave men and women singing praise. Of course, everyone prayed for their safety. 

Check out the video of the Marines singing “Days of Elijah” below.




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