July 8, 2019

Compton Cowboys are Saving Out-of-School Youth with the Help of Horses

These Compton cowboys are modern-day heroes. They are proving that you could do anything for our youth today because they are the hope of tomorrow. With the use of their horses, they are saving the out-of-school youth in their place so that they will not be drawn into drug use or commit any crime-related activities.

compton cowboys, youths
via Compton cowboys’ official Instagram Account

Compton Cowboys in California

It is quite alarming that the rate of out-of-school youths in America is increasing. Certain issues on education reform or unemployed parents may have an effect on these children. It is a good thing that the Compton cowboys are doing something to save these young people. In their Instagram account bio, it says:

“Street Raised Us. Horses saved us.”

The Compton Cowboys are a band of African-American folks that was founded in the streets of California. They started as a 10-member group and they all met when they were young and having troubles with the gangs. They were then asked to form a group that will try to help other youth like them. Their goal is to save these young people from getting involved in shady businesses and gang-related activities.

compton cowboys, youths
via Compton Cowboys’ official Instagram Account

Saving the Youth and the Horses

This group is not only saving the out-of-school youth, but also the horses. The horses that they ride are either saved from malnutrition or abuse from their previous owners. Randy Hook, one of the members said this:

“The throwaway horses that we were given ended up being the best horses for us because they had a feisty spirit and a chip on their shoulder just like we did.”

The group not only wants to save these children and horses but to promote African-Americans to the cowboy culture. They feel like the mass media have omitted them and their contribution to the cowboy culture. We could only hope that their efforts will be appreciated and they could save more youth.

Watch the Compton Boys here:


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