October 16

Ty Herndon and His New Version of “What Mattered Most”

Ty Herndon reissued “What Mattered Most” with some of its words changed as his way to comfort and inspire at-risk youths. It’s an incredible way of supporting LGBT youth in the country.

Ty Herndon, What Mattered Most, Alternative Version, Inspiration, LGBTQ
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“What Mattered Most”

The song was written by Gary Burr and Vince Melamed and was released in 1995 as a debut single of Ty Herndon. It reached No. 1 in RPM’s Canada Country Rock and the US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

In 2019, Ty Herndon released the album Got it Covered which includes an alternative version of “What Mattered Most” with some alterations to some words.

Herndon recorded the first song at a time when he was very closeted. And on the song’s 25th birthday, he wanted to sing it the way he should’ve sung it as a present.

Ty Herndon, What Mattered Most, Alternative Version, Inspiration, LGBTQ
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A Powerful Message

After coming out as gay in 2014, Herndon helped in counseling LGBTQ youths. He wanted them to know that there is a country song that represents their sexuality.

He said in an interview with Billboard that he wants to reassure the kids that the country industry accepts queer people. Ty Herndon says,

“I know in my heart that that’s not completely true. With the new generation of the country, everyone’s embraced.”

His strong urge to support the youth makes him calm to the response of the people on his album. This makes him more a credible artist.

Ty Herndon

Herndon has a real heart of gold. He donates his time to organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the Special Olympics, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, GLAAD, HRC and Feed the Children. He lent his vocals on a tribute track for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, Florida.

The “What Mattered Most” singer is currently a national spokesman for CVS pharmacy’s ALS fundraising campaign. In September 2011, he and Kevin Turner Helped raise $4.3 Million for ALS Therapy Alliance.

Ty Herndon, What Mattered Most, Alternative Version, Inspiration, LGBTQ
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Thank you for the good music.

Thank you for being the voice of the youth.

Thank you for helping out others.

We love you!!!!!!

Listen to Ty’s alternative version of ” What Mattered Most:”


Ty Herndon

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