February 25

Here Are Some Tips On How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Have you ever wondered how to open a can without a can opener? Guess we all do at some point in our lives.

Imagine this frustrating situation: It’s finally your rest day after a long week of working. You’re just chilling for the entire cold afternoon, and then you suddenly find yourself craving for some soup. However, as you are about to prepare one, you realized your can opener – which you’re absolutely certain was just hanging around the kitchen – has magically disappeared.

What are you going to do? Well, you could just give up and check out what are the takeout options in your area, or you could do better and learn some new skills. If you’re choosing the latter, then keep on reading below as we delve into the different ways on how you can open that can without a can opener.

1. Using a metal spoon.

Yes, you heard it right! And this easy hack will never fail you – as long as you’re not in a hurry.

Strongly rub the spoon’s bottom over and over again through the can’s curbed edge – where you would usually puncture using a can opener. Continue rubbing until you can make a hole that’s big enough to press the spoon and push the lid upward until it opens.

2. Using a big knife.

If you want to get into the can a bit faster, you can always use your trusty knife. But it should not be just any other knife; it should be big enough like a chef’s knife.

First, you need to place the can in a highly durable area that won’t rock or wobble at all. Then start puncturing the can’s edge using the knife’s pointy tip. Continue doing this until the lid will finally come off.

3. Using a bike tool.

A bike tool or any pointy object can also be handy in this situation. But consider yourself warned; this method could possibly ruin your tool.

Anyway, you can begin by forcefully stabbing the tin with all your might around its weaker areas. Keep doing this until you have the opening you need to take out what’s inside – without using your hands. Of course, we don’t want you to end up visiting the emergency room just for a few canned beans.

4. Using a rough surface

Well, you may want to keep this method in mind just in case you find yourself without any tools to use at all. Look for a rough surface on a huge rock or a concrete section, then start sanding down the can’s top ridge until the seal gets broken. Use a clean cloth to remove any metal shavings left.

So, there you have the answers to the big question: how to open a can without a can opener? But remember that opening a can can often be pretty risky. Even if you’re using the proper tools, the lid’s edges are dangerously sharp and can quickly cause deep cuts. Make sure to take extra precautions.



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