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August 6, 2020


August 6, 2020


August 6, 2020

Many seasoned stars have indeed left behind their marks through music. The new ones, however, try to carve their own paths, or if given a chance, revive the pieces of the legacy their predecessors left behind. But for some artists, their talents are more likely attributed to their parents. Olivia Barker is a classic example.

The Incarnation of Alison Krauss?

Remember Alison Krauss and Union Stations 1992 classic hit song ‘Everytime You Say Goodbye?’ Sara Evans‘s daughter, Olivia Barker has just become the promising proponent for the revival of Alison’s 90’s hits.

Her voice and demeanor while performing did great resemblance to the 1990’s superstar. Olivia Barker’s strong yet achingly sweet voice as she covers the said classic tugged on the heartstrings of the social media, thus applauding her on how wonderfully she sounded.

‘Talent definitely runs in the family’ and ‘this (Olivia Barker’s cover) is awesome’, the netizens wrote.

As a raw young talent, Olivia Barker felt a push to step into the next level. She did so by joining their family band which they called ‘Barker Family Band.’ She’s joined by her brother Avery Barker and with the help of her mother, they managed to crank up some albums.

As a supportive mother, Sara Evans did not shy using her bragging rights about her children’s accomplishments. She’s just as excited as her children who are eager to show the world their musical wings. Evans envisions the great things that they will experience as they embark on that new journey revolving on music.

The Full Circle of Sara Evans’ Music Journey

However awesome their music skills can be, their family isn’t the most perfect one either. Olivia, Avery, and Audrey are Sara Evans’ three children with Craig Schelske whom she divorced in 2007. She then remarried former football player Jay Barker. They live happily with each other and had four more children.

As Sara Evans is also a part of the country music industry, she couldn’t help but be also proud of herself as she commemorates the 20th anniversary of her album ‘Born to Fly.’ She plans to release the memoir of her album on September 8, the exact date when her album turned two decades old.

Evans considered her life as a book that made a full circle. She had her ups and downs in her journey and she’s been happy for it. “I am so proud of how it all came together and can’t wait to share it with everyone.”


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