April 22

Volunteer Firefighter Helped Cancer-Stricken Woman Who Attended Brad Paisley Show in Texas 

Last 2019, a man named Thomas Harwell went viral on social media as he showed that in a world that is full of bad things, there is still kindness that runs around. That is, as people say it, his good Samaritan act restored faith in humanity

As the Story Went

Thomas Harwell was in attendance with his wife Shayla at Brad Paisley’s show in RodeoHouston, Texas last March 16, 2019. The concert, which was in support of Paisley’s 2017 album Love and Warwas jam-packed, and fans were eager to see the artist. And while they were waiting in their seats for the rodeo to start, Shayla noticed an elderly lady having a rough time going down the stairs with her daughter and two granddaughters. She quickly pointed them out to her husband, who is a volunteer firefighter and said that they may need some help. 

Harwell got up, made his way to the elderly lady, and helped her get to her seat. 

Then the concert finally started, and the fans went wild as Paisley serenaded them with songs of love and breakup anthems. After the last set, concert-goers made their way out of the arena, and Hatwell and his wife again noticed the same woman having trouble making her way up the rodeo stairs to the exit. It was evident that she was in so much pain. Harwell immediately approached the woman and offered to help her out of the arena by carrying her. 

The kind act was caught on camera by Shayla, and when she posted it on her Facebook, it was flooded by comments of love and appreciation. And what made it even more meaningful was that the elderly woman actually just suffered from a stroke and was also battling cancer at the time. That kindness will definitely be something that the woman will remember for as long as she lived. 


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