September 11

The “Reba” Reboot Will Surely Make Us Binge-Watch!

One of the highest-grossing sitcoms in the 2000s, “Reba,” is ready to air again after 13 years since its last episode aired.

The world-famous sitcom starred country star Reba McEntire, Christopher Rich, JoAnna Garcia, Steve Howey, and many more. The sitcom was intended to just air a few seasons. Fortunately, the show aired 127 episodes and lasted over six seasons from 2001 to 2007 on the WB and The CW.

Just like ‘Roseanne,’ ‘Will & Grace,’ ‘One Day at a Time,’ which were recently rebooted sitcoms, McEntire said that the whole “Reba” cast is ready for a TV special or a movie. The county music star added that all that they are waiting for is the approval from the “higher uppers” and they are anxiously waiting for their responses. They all have a lot of stories that weren’t able to tell before they got canceled.

It was Almost not Named as “Reba”

When the sitcom was first written, it was for the main character named “Sally.” But after the whole plot was handed over to the country star, who at that time was at the prime of her career and had a solid fan base, the executives decided to rename the show after its main character. The decision was to give the singer’s fans a foothold and connect with the show.

Primed for Acting

Although the show the first acting project for some of the casts, both McEntire and her co-star Christopher Rich co-starred in Kenny Roger’s 1991 masterpiece, “The Gambler Returns: Luck of the Draw.”

She and Barbra Jean were Actually Best Friends

Throughout the 6 seasons, fans saw how their idol and Barbra Jean developed their friendship. In their last episode, McEntire admitted that she considered Barbra Jean as one of her closest friends.

Like with Barbara Jean’s, McEntire and Melisa Peterman’s story of friendship was the same off-screen. Even to this day, Peterman and McEntire could be seen randomly together at the country singer’s concerts.

The 6th Season was Almost Cancelled

After spending 5 years on the WB network, ‘Reba’ was suddenly cut by the network to give way to a new program. Fortunately, CW made a last-minute decision to provide a 13-episode run for the sitcom’s last season, giving the fans the conclusion they all have been asking for.


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