July 12

Pastor with Disability Shares the Word of God in a Unique Way

Having a disability is not a reason to stop worshiping God because a true follower of God will do everything to hear and spread the word of God. One example of a true follower of God is Pastor Jose. Now, let me share his inspirational story and we’ll surely get a lesson from it.

Pastor Jose’s Life

Pastor Jose
Via www.samaritanspurse.com

Pastor Jose Benitez from Mexico was diagnosed with polio at the age of 2 years. Polio is a contagious illness that in its most severe form causes the person having nerve injury, leading to paralysis, difficulty breathing, and sometimes leading to death. The most effective way to prevent polio is thru vaccination. Thus, Pastor Jose suffered serious paralysis and inability to walk.

One day, someone gave him a scooter. He uses his scooter to reach those helpless people to share the word of God. His disability does not hinder him from spreading the word of God even in the high mountains of Mexico. Though the place is not that accessible, Pastor Jose with his team still manages to reach it.

Pastor Jose
Via www.samaritanspurse.ca

Having difficulties or trials in life does not exempt anyone. Like Pastor Jose and his team, we have also been experiencing some difficulties or trials in life, but that should not stop us from spreading the word of God most especially to those people who have forgotten God. Their team’s mission is to never stop preaching the Gospel because it is a need in someone’s life. Pastor Jose once said,

“But for God, nothing can stop us.”

With the help of “Operation Christmas Child,” they were able to reach many children who have not known God before. Each child is given a gift, but the best gift they received is to know who their God is and how they accept Him in their lives.

Pastor Jose’s determination in spreading the word of God has changed the lives of many people.

Pastor Jose Benitez
Via godtv.com

This inspirational story from Pastor Jose serves as a wake-up call from God that no one could ever stop a true devotee of God in praising and worshiping Him. As a child of God, I think we need to start moving forward while making the most of our life by glorifying Him.

Watch His Inspirational Video Below and Be Blessed:

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Pastor Jose Benitez, Word of God

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