December 27

Loving Wife Soulfully Sings “Amazing Grace” To Her Dying Husband

CJD, or Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by loss of coordination, vision problems and sometimes loss of sight, slurred speech, and sudden, abnormal jerking movements. Doctors have called this disease the “human form of mad cow disease.” 

The disease, although rarely affecting people worldwide, had affected Tony Gibson, who unfortunately lost his battle with the disease. 

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The onset of the symptoms of CJD is rapid and sudden. With the progression of CJD comes severe impairment in memory, judgment, movement, and coordination. And since the progression of CJD is quick, it often is fatal.

Singing Amazing Grace

Tony Gibson, in the video, spends his final days with his loving wife, Danielle, who beautifully sang “Amazing Grace.” Danielle holds her husband while singing and Tony’s reaction to his wife’s voice is heart-melting.

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Tony can be seen turning his head toward his wife’s voice, eyes widening as he realizes his wife is singing to him. Later in the video, Tony’s eyes close as if he is relishing the moment; he’s with his wife, and his wife is holding him ever so dearly as her wonderful, calming voice floods the whole room.

Danielle shared how Tony loved music and how it brought him life. Despite the sudden onset of symptoms brought by CJD, Tony still loved music until his last days, especially when his wife sang him the soulful “Amazing Grace.” Unfortunately, one day after hearing his wife’s singing and after months of fighting the disease, Tony lost his battle with CJD. His body, according to doctors, deteriorated quickly over time. 

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Seeing people suffering from rare and degenerative diseases and families in difficult situations is heartbreaking. Coping up and staying strong while visiting your loved ones lying on the bed and having a hard time breaks the heart.

Check out Danielle’s heartfelt serenade for her spouse below.


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