May 30

Marines Singing “I Can Only Imagine” at the Bootcamp

Marines Singing "I Can Only Imagine" at the Bootcamp 1
Soldiers Worshiping (image from Youtube)

It’s humbling to see great men of God serving the country who’re willing to lay down their lives in order to protect the people. That’s why this video of U.S Marines singing songs to God just melts every heart.

May the LORD bless and protect them! 

I Can Only Imagine

In 2001, Christian rock singer Bart Millard and his band MercyMe released a song entitled “I Can Only Imagine” that transcended the genre in unprecedented fashion, peaking at No. 5 on the national Billboard Hot 100. Hundreds of millions of listeners, both Christian and otherwise, include the song in their playlists.

Written and composed by lead vocalist Bart Millard, the song is based around the main piano track. Millard’s father inspired the writing of the song. First issued as a track on MercyMe’s 1999 album The Worship Project, it was released on an independent record label. The song was re-recorded and included on their 2001 major-label debut album Almost There as the fifth song on the album.

Unexpected Success

MercyMe did not expect “I Can Only Imagine” to gain mainstream success, in part due to its explicit references to Jesus and Heaven. Millard noted that the band joked around about “the top five songs never to cross over, and they had included “I Can Only Imagine” on that list. Millard also believed some radio stations were playing the song to prove it could not succeed on mainstream radio.

Moreover, the song had a significant effect on the band’s musical image; in an interview, Millard commented that “We were a rock band when we started 11 years ago. But, we kind of became the ‘adult contemporary poster child’ when ‘I Can Only Imagine’ took off”.

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