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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Secret to 14 Years of Marriage is Something to Emulate

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage has been one of the most looked up to in Nashville. After 14 years of being together, their love and passion for each other still feels like it all just began yesterday.

Through the way they handled their careers, tour life and their role as parents, this power couple has also set a standard for other celebrity marriages to emulate. Whatever conflicts they encounter, split was never an option. Together, they work and find ways to resolve them.

Keith Urban was Nicole Kidman’s Crush

Prior to meeting Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman was at the peak of her career. Despite her break up with Tom Cruise, she was given incredible roles on all fronts. After appearing in hit films like The Hours where she played the role as Virginia Wolf, Kidman received various accolades. One of those was an Oscar for the said movie.

Behind all the glam and glamour, Kidman realized that all that she has been doing was to bury herself in the busyness of her career. Her personal life was in bad shape. This included her stained relationship with the adopted children that she had with Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor.

The whirlwind of events started to ease down for Kidman and an amazing journey started in 2005. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were both attending the G’Day USA gala in Hollywood. Kidman admitted that the first time she saw Urban, she immediately had a big crush on him. She, however, felt that he was not into her.

After four months, Urban called Kidman and it went on from there. They started dating and would see each other in every state whenever they can. Even just after a month of dating, Kidman knew that she wanted to marry the country singer. Likewise, Urban was on the same page as Kidman. Come November, Kidman was wearing a diamond ring and was officially engaged to Urban.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Marriage

The following year, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban tied the knot on a beautiful summer wedding. Events on that wedding day also made it evident that Kidman and Urban’s love story would surely last.

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Two years from their magical wedding, the couple welcomed their first child. Sunday Rose, their adorable baby girl, added to the unconditional love that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban nurtured. In 2010, just around Christmas time, the family again welcomed another baby girl, Faith Margaret.

Their Secret to Marital Longevity

A marriage that lasted for 12 years is not a simple feat. It takes a nearly perfect recipe for a marriage to thrive that long. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban definitely had such things for their marriage to last.

After 14 years of marriage, Kidman said that her union with the country artist is “really good.” Kidman gave emphasis to the big role that “switching off” had played in their marriage. After the daily stress in their own respective careers, they switch off everything related to their work once they get home. That rule, according to Kidman, helped them have a harmonious, quiet, and nourishing family life in Nashville.

Aside from making a healthy home, the actress revealed that they don’t have a TV inside their bedroom. The use of a computer in bed was also omitted. She also revealed that she and Urban are both old school. They don’t use text messages to communicate. Kidman, however, explained that she didn’t know how to text in the first place. Still, everything worked well for the couple and they have not changed anything.

“We just do voice to voice or skin to skin, as we always say.”

From their wedding 14 years ago until today, the couple’s love is as fresh as a newly-wed. Now, they do everything as a family: from joining Urban’s tours to being on the set of Kidman’s latest projects. Everywhere they go, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret have always been involved.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage is one that we could call almost perfect. This was made possible through their excellent way of communicating, building their home as a safe place, and their love that can last for a lifetime because both parties are willing to work for it.


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