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Tim McGraw’s “My Best Friend” Defines the Feeling of Having a True Friend

First of all, what is a best friend for you? For me, a best friend is someone who I rely on, share my stories with, and to cry on. Every person has their own best friend whom he/she trusts all her secrets with. My best friend does not allow me to do things alone. Instead, she joins me and sometimes losing a best friend is more painful than losing a lover.

My Best Friend, Tim McGraw
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We can still find someone who can replace our past lover, but a best friend is irreplaceable. Look at how Tim McGraw defines the feeling of having a true friend with his song “My Best Friend.”

“My Best Friend”

My best friend, Tim McGraw

It is a song written by American songwriter Aimee Mayo and Bill Luther. Tim McGraw recorded the song and was released in October 1999 as a single from his fifth album, A Place in the Sun.

Upon its release, the song reached the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart and ranked number 29 on the US Billboard Hot 100 hits.

The Song’s Theme

Every lyric of the song shows what a good friend brought in someone’s life. Having a true friend who never gets tired of listening to our ending dramas is all we ask from God because nowadays, it is becoming rare to have a good friend. Everyone can show how much they care and love you, but it only takes a specific person to prove the true meaning of being loved and cared for.

Best friend, Tim McGraw
Via Youtube.com by Screengrab

In addition, having a good friend is not only based on the good memories that you both shared but also with the downfall you both faced.  While both of you did not give up on each other. Yes, even friendship has its own misunderstandings and that is when you learn more about his/her personality.

A true definition of a best friend is a person who is emotionally supportive of you, listens, cares, thinks, accepts, and helps you no matter what happens.

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