January 9

A Heart Melting Hit from Martina McBride: “God’s Will”

Every little thing that is happening in our life has its purpose. Sometimes, it’s just up to us on how we will read its message. Hence, everything happens for a reason, since God has plans for us. All we need to do is to trust Him one hundred percent. Anyhow, we cannot escape the fact that sometimes we complain because we are favored. But let’s keep in mind that He is doing everything for our own good. Let’s put it like this. Maybe, God noticed that your desire will bring you to your downfall that’s why He did not grant it. Or maybe, your request will be given to you, but you need to wait. Most of the time, we want our will to be granted immediately, but God doesn’t work that way. Well, to enlighten you more, listen to the hit “Gods Will” from Martina McBride.

The Time Has Come For Me

She is considered as one of the finest artists in the music industry. Also, this artist has a soprano singing range, which made her distinct from other singers. In addition, she was considered as the “Celine Dion of Country Music” due to her vocal range. That must be an honor for her. 

Go ahead and give a round of applause to Martina McBride.

A Heart Melting Hit from Martina McBride: “God’s Will” 1
Photo Credits: Martina McBride Official Home Page

He Always Has a Plan for Us

We often question everything that is happening to us, but do we really look deeper into its purpose? Or do we just sulk and whine because our will was not granted. Maybe, you understand everything once you hear “God’s Will” by Martina McBride. Further, this hit teaches us about patience and trust which we need. I hope that this song from McBride will inspire you more to trust in God.



Martina McBride

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