January 21

In Times of Need, there is ‘God of the Storms’ by Tribute Quartet

Gospel music is something that practically all of us can relate to. It is a work of art that brings people together. The genre also played a purpose in Tribute Quartet’s song “God of the Storms,” which was released in 2016.

Many people have enjoyed the song throughout the years since its debut. It has been a part of several religious meetings and left a lasting impression on those who have heard it. Even if there were no reports of the song appearing on any music charts as of 2023, there is no denying that it is a classic tune many people adore.

Tribute Quartet is a gospel quartet that was formed back in 2006. Throughout their career, they produced, released, and won several awards, such as AGM Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2008 and AGM Traditional Song of the Year for their song “Good News from Jerusalem” back in 2014. 

That’s why it’s no surprise that they were able to make outstanding music releases like ‘God of the storms”.

Meaning Behind the Song 

Numerous gospel songs have been recorded throughout the years, but there is little doubt that “God of the Storms” is among the finest.

The hymn only advises us to seek protection from God. While facing difficulties or “storms,” we should look for him, and since we are already under the protector’s care, we shouldn’t worry about what will happen next.

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God is ultimately our sole source of safety. Only when we turn to God and seek Him out can we find true peace for our souls. He is reassuring us that he is stronger than the storms we are experiencing. Because only the Lord can stop a storm, we should never let our faith in Him waver.

So if you want to check out ‘God of the Storms’ by Tribute Quartet, you can check out the music video below. 


Tribute Quartet

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