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Nine Interesting Ray Price Facts You Should Check Out

Ray Price, sometimes referred to as the “Cherokee Cowboy,” was undoubtedly one of the nation’s most-known performers. He was so committed to his craft that he was able to create a magnificent work of art that his generation and future generations may enjoy. 

His ability to choose content and enhance his delivery to the audience is genius-level. Even though Price is not here with us anymore, his influence is still felt to this day, even after his passing in 2013.

Ray Price, on the other hand, is not just a successful singer but also an intriguing guy. Here is a compilation of fascinating and obscure facts about Ray Price that you’ll undoubtedly like.

1. Ray Price Helped Make Country Music More Popular

He and his band turned the gutbucket country shuffle of the postwar era into slick, pulsating honky-tonk in the 1950s. Which caused the birth of Ray Price Hit songs like “For the good times” and “Release Me.”

2. He Had a Career in Veterinary Medicine

He originally joined the field of science and medicine in Texas before branching out into the music industry. Despite the fact that the world war prevented him from finishing his education on time, he did so eventually. And now he holds a veterinary medicine degree.

3. Ray Price Is Friends with Another Country Music Superstar

Before he attained the current level of fame, it was reported that he initially became acquaintances with Lefty Frizzell, also a well-known singer of country music.

4. He Formed His Own Band Named Cherokee Cowboys

Initially, Price was the manager of Hank Williams‘ band called the “Drifting Cowboys,” but in 1953, upon Williams’ passing, Price started his own group, known as the “Cherokee Cowboys.”

5. Ray Price’s Singing “For the Good Times” Helped Price and Its Song Writer

Bill Nash, another talented singer, sang the song’s original version. But when Ray Price released his own version of the song, it rocketed to the top of the charts. Not only did it assist Price in getting his first No. 1 hit in 11 years, but it also elevated composer Kris Kristofferson to the top echelon of songwriters in both country and popular music.

6. He Is a Hall of Famer

He was one of the country artists who were eligible to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1996.

7. He Grew Up in A Not Complete Family

Following his parent’s divorce, he spent his early years alternating between his father’s farm and his mother’s house in Dallas.

8. He Was Married Two Times

After divorcing his first spouse in the 1960s, he wed his second wife, Janie Mae, in 1970, and they stayed together till his death. He never disclosed the basis for his first wife’s divorce.

9. Price Has Endured a Painful Disease That Caused His Death

He had pancreatic cancer, which is a fatal disease. Unfortunately, his condition resulted in his passing on December 16, 2013.

Ray Price is one of the greatest country artists of all time. And there is no doubt about that since he has this charismatic aura that radiates through his singing, making the audience fall in love with his songs. We sincerely hope you learned something new from the Ray Price facts we provided today. They are now absolutely available for sharing if you so want.


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