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Ray Price’s Heartbreaking Song “Release Me”

The song was originally performed by Eddie Miller, but Ray Price’s version is a refreshing take on this classic song. This may not be his original song but a lot of country fans associated the song to him. The country singer’s other notable hits are “Crazy Arms,” “Heartaches by the Number,” “For the Good Times,” and “Night Life.”

The country singer left a legacy to the music industry with his remarkable voice and is heard all throughout his performance of “Release Me.”

ray price, release me
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Ray Price Sings “Release Me”

The song became a country staple when other country legends did their version. It was back in 1954 when Jimmy Heap, Kitty Wells, and Ray Price covered the song, and it was welcomed wholeheartedly by country fans. The song was not only a hit in the United States but was also well-loved by other countries such as Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and many others.

ray price, release me youtube
via YouTube

With Ray Price‘s version, he added his signature beat making his rendition stand out from others. It became one of the biggest hits of the singer and something that we still remember of him to this day.

Lyrics Breakdown

Please release me, can’t you see?
You’d be a fool to cling to me

The song blatantly admits that the man does not want his lover anymore. The problem is, his lover is not willing to let him go any time soon. He probably is in a problematic relationship if he can’t get out of it with his own volition. Sometimes, we love someone so much that we get blinded by it. If you really can’t get out of a situation like this, then time will tell when that person is ready to set you free.

Ray Price sang the song in a way that he is almost begging his lover to give his freedom already. The emotions are easily heard in the song and that is how it should be performed.

Listen to Ray Price’s cover here:


ray price

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