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Lefty Frizzell

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Lefty Frizzell + Saginaw, Michigan

“Saginaw, Michigan”: The Legacy Of Lefty Frizzell

Country singer Lefty Frizzell sang of a bamboozled rich man in his last number-one hit on the charts, “Saginaw, Michigan.” Here’s the story.


Here Are Some Golden Gems: The Top 10 Country Songs of The 1950s

The 1950s marked a pivotal era for country music, giving birth to timeless classics that define the genre. Here are the top 10 country songs of the 1950s.

Lefty Frizzell Facts

Here Are Facts about Iconic Country Star Lefty Frizzell That Might Surprise You 

The impact Lefty Frizzell made in country music is beyond compare. So, there’s no better way to celebrate the man than learning some facts about him.

Lefty Frizzell Songs

Truly, Lefty Frizzell Songs Are Some Of The Best in History of Country Music

Anyone could make a list of the most influential country songs ever, and it would never be complete without Lefty Frizzell songs.

Remembering The Death Of Lefty Frizzell, Whose Vocal Style Played A Major Role In The Genre

William Orville Frizzell more popularly known as Lefty Frizzell was born on March 31, 1928. He died from alcoholism on July 19, 1975 at the age of 47.

Lefty Frizzell Tells a Compelling Story on His Song “Long Black Veil”

How far would you go to protect a secret? Well, this Lefty Frizzell- track sheds light on the willingness of a person to die just to protect a secret. What kind of secret could make someone can sacrifice their life just to keep it hidden?