June 13

Chuck Glaser Dies at 83

The Glaser Brothers have truly impacted country music and the lives of all their fans and other artists who are inspired by their legacy. They are now reunited in heaven and may their souls rest in peace.

Coming at the heels of his younger brother’s death just two months prior, Chuck Glaser dies at age 83. He was the last living Glaser Brothers member.

Chuck Glaser’s Legacy

Born Charles Vernon Glaser, he had been helping his father manage the family’s farm before joining his brothers as masters of ceremonies in his early teens. Later, the three banded together and began singing.

Chuck Glaser, Glaser, Chuck, Death, Dies, Glaser Brothers, Brothers
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Their biggest break onto mainstream came in 1957 when they won the Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Show. It was there where Marty Robbins signed The Glaser Brothers to his roadshow and to his label.

Tompall & The Glaser brothers were country music legends in their own regard both as singers and songwriters. Throughout their career, they were in demand as both the main artists and the backup vocals for prominent country singers. They have been on tour with Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline.

In 1962, they even took the helms of their own publishing company and hired songwriters who have not been previously signed. From this, they helped create iconic songs for Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and many more prominent artists.

Chuck Glaser, Glaser, Chuck, Death, Dies, Glaser Brothers, Brothers
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Glaser and his brothers have been awarded numerous accolades during their time. Through the 1960s till the 1980s, they have received awards such as CMA Vocal Group of the Year (1970), Country Group of the Decade by Record World Magazine (1975), Country Music Group of the Year by Billboard Magazine (1972) among others. The group disbanded and stopped performing together in 1973, but reunited again for a short time in 1979.

Music Row was the first outlet to report of Glaser’s death. The cause has not been made public as of yet. The family has yet to announce funeral arrangements.


Chuck Glaser

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Chuck Glaser Dies at 83

Chuck Glaser Dies at 83

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