October 14

How Randy Travis’ Hometown Honors Their Biggest Star

Randy Travis and his wife Mary made a recent trip to the country icon’s hometown of Marshville, North Carolina, and the two found themselves emotional over a new massive mural painted in honor of Travis. 

On his official Instagram account, Randy Travis shared a photo of him and Mary posing and smiling big in front of a brick mural. The portray features a more mature version of Travis, with waves of gray blending his dark hair and his prominent jawline setting the look apart. 

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While it’s been months since the mural has been put up, the country singer has only recently seen it after coming home to his hometown in late September. This is in time for the Randy Travis Festival, hosted by the Marshville Chamber of Commerce. The annual event, which was canceled last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, featured Randy Travis songs, various musical entertainment as well different types of crafts, foods, among others. It is free to attend, too.

Travis’ family – including his siblings Ricky and Rose – were in attendance together with some friends, and it surely was a great get-together.

But this wasn’t the only time Travis went back to his birthplace for an honor. In 2017, the country singer came home to help reveal new Welcome to Marshville signs that included his name.

For years, the country legend’s name greeted countless passers-by to Marshville – “Marshville, Home of Randy Travis & Country Living,” the sign read. But, in 2014, not long after his 2013 stroke, the town decided to give their welcome sign a make-over, taking the name of Travis out of it. Representatives said that the change did not mean to disrespect Travis and has nothing to do with his legal and personal conflicts in the past years. Still, Travis’ fans and some Marshville residents weren’t happy with the change.

Well, this only proves that the small, rural town has never forgotten the talented singer.


Randy Travis

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