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Listen To Cole Swindell’s Dad’s Old Number Whenever You Miss Someone

Cole Swindell’s Dad’s Old Number was the second time that the Georgia-bred country singer wrote a bittersweet tribute to his father who died in 2013. The first was You Should Be Here, released in 2015 which he co-wrote with hit songwriter Ashley Gorley. These two emotional hits are definitely on top of his favorites among other Cole Swindell Songs. 

The song was included in his 2018 12-track album All of It. In an interview with PEOPLE, Cole Swindell said that while each song in the album is special to him, Dad’s Old Number just hits him. It’s because he is living the lines of the song everyday. 

He never forgets the old 10-digit telephone number that he would usually dial at night after his father died. He would listen to the ring, and when someone would answer, he would simply hang up. 

He also added how the song struck a chord to fans because you never really stop missing loved ones, and there’s always that feeling of wanting to talk to them. So if any of the people listening to his song would be brave enough to call their mom or dad while they still can because they know they would want to in the future, then his job was done. 

Dad’s Old Number was pitched to him by Chase McGill while he and Jesse Alexander were out writing with him on a weekend on his bus. When he first heard it, his mind automatically went to football, but when McGill explained how it was having a number that you can’t call anymore, he was just immediately floored by it. 

He was supposed to write the song with McGill and Alexander, but he ended up sleeping. Unable to contact him, the two songwriters started without him and ended up finishing it. Cole was initially disappointed when he walked out of his room and heard that the song was already done. But when he listened to it, all of the disappointment just went away and he was in awe of what they had produced. 

Aside from the original, he also released a live version taped at Joe’s Bar in Chicago. He said that the raw emotion that he felt performing the song live in front of his fans was overwhelming and a moment that he would never forget. 

You can listen to the original track here. But we suggest you also listen to the live version of Cole Swindell’s Dad’s Old Number in the video below. It’s a different kind of experience. And we hope you pick up the phone and call your mom or your dad – while you still can – and let them know how much you appreciate them for being there for you.  


Cole Swindell

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